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Provides 5x the number of sections available in each theme. You can perfect your store, easily increase your conversion rate with a complete store. Install, add to your theme and match. Build any page in no time.

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Why you shouldn't use Drag & Drop Page Builder apps

Drag & Drop apps for creating Shopify Sections abound on the Shopify App Store. Despite the large number of downloads, it has many weaknesses. Is what we describe below one of the "pains" you experience when using such applications?


It takes too long to create a meaningful interface

You are an entrepreneur, you are not a designer. You can't spend hours just arranging elements to create a beautiful section. Even if you think it's beautiful, customers may not think so. UI/UX is always very complicated.


It takes too long to learn how to use

I think you will be stunned for the first 30 minutes of installing the application. An extensive and cluttered element store, and a 30+ page long documentation, is what you'll find in any Drag & Drop application. Only 0.1% of users can use them without seeing the instructions.


It slows down your store a lot

This comes from the technical side. The Drag & Drop Page Builder applications provide hundreds of elements to help you assemble and create sections. However, you should always use only 1/20, 1/30 of it. But, the entire resource of hundreds of elements will still be included in the store.


It is more suitable if you have a development team

After all, an entrepreneur will only care about efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction. Any effort spent hours researching technology can be wasted. However, it is still good if your team is really tech-savvy and willing to spend time on it.

A Better WayTo Design An Complete Store
In No Time

With many years of experience with more than 500+ stores, we understand this and try to develop an application to save time but still achieve the highest efficiency.

Install, Settings and Match

No-code page builder. Level up store with pre-design sections

Drive more traffic and convince your customers with a store that is replete with clean, seamless and performance sections.


No-code page builder

You don't need any knowledge related to Shopify theme development. You also don't need to edit the theme's source code or anything else. Everything has been automated at the highest level.


Optimize your time

The app doesn't even have a web page for tutorials or common questions. Simplicity and time saving are the biggest goals. All you do is choose for yourself the sections you need, install it. That is enough.


Optimize design and user interface

We believe the sections coming from the app will be loved by both you and your customers. Because it's pre-built, based on our expert designers, specifically for e-commerce stores. Capture customers' attention and increase conversion rates.


Optimizing page loading speed

You don't have to download all the resources. With our special mechanism, you will only enter the store and download the resources corresponding to the sections you install. Every millisecond saved is every thousands of customers who stay with you.

Our Pricing

Transparent pricing

From $4.99, you can get dozens of awesome pre-designed sections. The best part is that new sections are added every week at no extra cost to you.

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